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Löysin Cloudy Nightsin artikkeliosiosta tällaisen kokoelman ajatuksia siitä, miksi tähtitiede on parempaa kuin populaarikulttuuri:   

    1. We can bring our own soundtrack… none of it rap.
    2. Albireo a much cuter pair than Brad and Angelina.
    3. Dog star brighter by far than Dog the Bounty Hunter.
    4. No Judge Judy snarling at us if the go-to is off.
    5. M-13 looks different every night; 11,239th Godfather re-run still just the same, Luca Brasi sleeping with fish.
    7. James Cameron can’t make a stupid overly melodramatic movie out of M-31.
    8. Ellen Degeneres not always peeking out from behind M-51. (Is there any show she is not on?)
    9. Light from Vega took 26 years, older than three newest teen singing stars combined.
    10.People actually watch poker on television; resolving M-57 virtually aerobic in comparison.
    11.Martha Stewart better not come anywhere near my corrector plate with a doily.
    12.Yes, we may get eaten by mosquitoes, but it’s still cheaper than pay-per-view.
    13.That Seinfeld show was never funny anyway.
    14.And M.A.S.H was way too preachy.
    15.No TV preachers ask us for money while we’re waiting for clouds to part.
    16.Only wrestling involves hoisting the fork/OTA assembly onto the tripod.
    17.Some Dobs taller than George Stephanopolous.
    18.We are usually the only people at a Star Wars movie who know you can’t fly faster than light.
    19.Titan much more interesting than 853rd screening of Remember the Titans.
    20.Great Red Spot way better than infomercials for acne cream.
    21.Three degree background radiation from Big Bang still warmer than Barbara Walters.
    22.You can sit out in the yard at 3 a.m. with your scope and watch your deadbeat neighbor’s truck get repossessed; no need for COPS show.
    23.Wolf-Rayet stars routinely lose more mass than Wolf Blitzer.
    24.But about the same as Kirstie Alley.
    25.Though she was pretty cute in that Star Trek movie.
    26.No brown dwarfs named Dopey, Sleepy or Grumpy.
    27.Galilean moon transits last longer than Letterman monologues; brighter too.
    28.Black holes still denser than most politicians on C-SPAN (but not by much.)
    29.Can’t keep up with those American Idol contestants; Pleiades always there where you can rely on them.
    30.Big gas cloud below Orion’s belt; Di-Gel commercials inconsequential in comparison.
    31.Go-to remote far cooler than one for TV.
    32.Paris Hilton infests Oscars, not real star parties.
    33.Moon has more craters than the late Telly Savalas’s head.
    34.Astronomers way tougher than those Survivor people, especially in January.
    35.Einstein alone had more IQ points than entire Bachelor/Bachelorette casts since beginning of time.
    36.Veil nebula looks better than D. Trump’s hair.
    37.No one would ever let that Ozzy Osbourne person anywhere near a telescope.
    38.Supernova far better than all those Die Hard movies combined.
    39.Our close encounters are REAL!

..ja minustakin nämä kaikki ovat kyllä ihan totta!  :cheesy:


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1. We can bring our own soundtrack… none of it rap.
Tuli vaan mieleen. :smiley: