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Aloittaja Esko Lyytinen, 12.02.2008, 12:19:16

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Paul Roggemans, IMO:n ( International Meteor Organization) "Honorary member" lähetti minulle ennakkotietoa vuoden 2008 kansainvälisestäa meteoroids (EDIT: korjaan, pitäisi olla meteor, EI meteoroids) konferenssista ja pyysi levittämään tietoa Suomen "astronomy communityyn" (alla).

En nyt oikein tiedä muutakaan paikkaa levittää tehokkaasti kuin tämä Astronetti. Kun mm mainitsee "journals" niin tästä tulee varmaankin tiedoksi myös T+a:n toimitukselle, josko siinä olisi jossain kalenterissa tms tilaisuus maininta tämä. En nällä näkymin tuonne itse ole aikeissa lähteä, mutta ehkäpä joku/jotkut muu(t).


In the early years we made publicity for the IMCs in the popular astronomy magazines to make sure every possible interested person could be informed. I think this hasn't been done for more than 10 years now. May I ask you to forward this information to your contacts in the Finnish astronomy community, to get the 2008 IMC announced in Finnish Astro journals and/or on Astro Events Calendar websites?  The purpose is to make sure we reach new people, potential IMO members who aren't aware about IMO or the IMC unless we do the effort to bring it to their attention in their local communication and publication channels.

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Short Announcement :

27th IMC, 18-21 September 2008, Šachtička, Slovakia

The International Meteor Organization invites everybody interested in meteor astronomy to attend the 2008 International Meteor Conference. Every year some 70 to 80 meteor workers from all over the world travel to this meeting. More information on the IMO, its conferences and the online registration form can be found on

The Conference will take place in Hotel Šachtička (, near Banská Bystrica in Slovakia from Thursday 18 September (arrival afternoon) till Sunday 21 September (departure afternoon). The participation fee is 140 Euro, the registration deadline is 30 June 2008. Late registrations can be admitted as far as free places are available. For more information mail to :

Observing meteors or doing related research? Don't hesitate and join our global efforts to study meteors.


Detailed Announcement :

International Meteor Conference 2008

first annoucement


18-21 September 2008


Banská Bystrica - Šachtička, the Slovak Republic

Šachtička is a name of known touristic site popular mainly for winter sports. Šachtička is 1000 m above sea level and there is 8 km far from the city of Banská Bystrica.

Banská Bystrica (www.banska is located in central Slovakia. The Banská Bystrica is the most important historical, cultural and economic centre of the central Slovakia. It is a seat of administration of the Banská Bystrica Region. Banská Bystrica is situated at river Hron surrounding by beautiful mountains. The first written reference about the city is from the year 1255. Banská Bystrica was known mining town. Gold, silver, lead and cooper where mined here.

Nowadays it is a modern town with more than 80 thousand inhabitants. Near to the city on the hill Vartovka is located Astronomical Observatory Banska Bystrica. In the past Vartovka served as a watch tower.


Maximilian Hell District Observatory and Planetarium, Žiar nad Hronom

Observatory Banská Bystrica


Department of Astronomy, Physics of the Earth and Meterology,

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University, Bratislava

Slovak Central Observatory, Hurbanovo


International Meteor Organization


Daniel OČENÁŠ, Observatory Banská Bystrica

Stanislav KANIANSKY, Maximilian Hell District Observatory and Planetarium

Juraj TÓTH, Dep. of Astronomy, Physics of the Earth and Meterology,

Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University, Bratislava

Teodor PINTÉR, Slovak Central Observatory



Sachticka is accessible from Banská Bystrica only by car.


There is direct connection from the slovak capital Bratislava to Banská Bystrica by bus or by train. Airport Sliac is located 15 km far from Banská Bystrica with airlines Bratislava-Sliac.


    * Bratislava - Sachticky: 200 km
    * Praha - Sachticky: 541 km
    * Warsaw - Sachticky: 554 km
    * Budapest - Sachticky: 187 km
    * Vienna - Sachticky: 282 km


Hotel capacity is up to 120 beds. There are double room and double room with extra bed. Each room has toilet, shower and TV.

Hotel has one congress room (136 seats) also suitable for posters and 5 conference rooms. The rooms are equipped with a sounding system, TV, video, flipcharts, overhead projectors silver screens, data-projectors, DVD players, microphones, internet and others.


140 EURO

150 EURO after June 30, 2008


-          accommodation for three nights

-          parking place

-          meals (from dinner on September 18 to lunch on September 21)

-          refreshment

-          trip and barbecue

-          conference papers and T-shirt

-          proceedings

Key dates:

June 30, 2008        deadline for early registration with payments

August 31, 2008   deadline for final registration with payments

August 31, 2008   deadline for submission of abstracts


Registration form – (please add correct address with registration form)

Local committee   - (general questions)