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Projektiehdotus Saksasta:

Dear professionals and amateurs,

I found the links to your observatories in the German journal "Sterne und Weltraum".

I'm preparing a little project for observing and photographing the transit of Mercury. I try to bring into contact interested pupils, teachers, amateurs and profesionals und to organize simultaneously taken transit pictures in order to become able to determine an "own" measure of the distance to the sun. For a parallactic effect as large as possible it would be great to find participants in Scandinavia, Southamerica, Canada and South Africa. Therefore, I would be glad to allure somebody of your organization to take part in our project.

I append the first two emails sent during the last weeks to possible participants.

Kind regards,
Udo Backhaus

(February 22th)

Dear participants,

thank you for your response. Up to now, I've received reactions from South Africa, Canada, USA, India, Iran, Spain, Austria and several from Germany. So we can hope to get transit pictures from distant places.
For today, only two points:
• In order to become able to extract the parallax effect of Mercury, which will be very small, we must know the exact orientation of the images. May be that there will be sharp spots on the solar disc (as in 2012)  but even in that case it will probably not sufficient to determine the rotation angle by using them. Therefore, our proposal is to make twice exposured pictures with a fixed camera as described in a page of the venus project in 2012. Please, use the remaining weeks for exercises in photographing the sun!
• In order to give you all the possibility to get into contact directly I would like to "publish" the list of paticipants, that means I would like to send the following emails with a clear list of recipients (per CC instead of BCC). If you don't agree please let me know and I will keep your address hidden.
Kind regards,

(February, 8th)

Dear friends, interested in astronomical observing and evaluating,

several of you have participated in one of our projects in 2004 (transit of venus), 2009 (shape of the earth, distance to the moon) and 2012 (transit of venus).
Maybe some of you will be interested in systematically photographing and eventually evaluating the transit of mercury.
I will not organize a similar project in detail, but I will try to bring into contact those of you who would like to cooperate with partners all over the world.
In four weeks I will talk to of physics and astronomy teachers in Germany about the recent transits of venus and the coming transit of mercury. It would be nice to be able to give them adresses of partners of similar interests.

After several years, it is difficult to reactivate the former projects' lists of e-mail adresses. I apologize if you are not interested in participating. And I promise to send you further emails only in the case of having got a positive answer from you.

Kind regards,
Udo Backhaus

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