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... on luettavissa / ladattavissa täältä . Jokaisen osan (vol 1-3) lopussa on portfolio-tyyppinen tiedosto, jonka avulla kaikki ao. osan alaluvut voi ladata portfoliotiedostona kerralla (resoluutio on silloin heikompi). Alaluvut yksittäin ladatessa voi valita parhaan resoluution tiedostot.

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 Their History, Distribution, Composition and Structure
 By Vagn F. Buchwald

The Handbook of Iron Meteorites was originally published by the University of California Press in 1975 for the Center for Meteorite Studies at Arizona State University. It has been digitized at the University of Hawai‘i as it is still an extraordinarily valuable resource and is no longer in print. The copyright of this book, which was originally held by the University of California Press, is now owned by the Center for Meteorite Studies. We thank the Director of the Center for Meteorite Studies, Mini Wadhwa, and Vagn Buchwald for giving us their permission to prepare and distribute this electronic version.

 This is a monumental book in three volumes containing 1426 pages, 2124 figures, eight appendices and a supplement. Volume 1 provides a general introduction to meteorites, fireballs, and impact craters and to the mineralogy, composition, and properties of iron meteorites. It also contains appendices of information about iron meteorites.

 Volumes 2 and 3 contain descriptions of about 600 iron meteorites—nearly all those that were known and accessible in 1975. These descriptions include information about the structure, mineralogy, and composition of each iron meteorite, its discovery and subsequent history, as well as a list of museum holdings. A guide for users can be found on page 245 at the beginning of Volume 2. At the end of Volume 3 on pages 1376-1418 there is a supplement containing information about eleven meteorites that were studied by Vagn after 1973 plus additional notes and photographs for a few other iron meteorites.

 Digitization of the Handbook of Iron Meteorites in 2013 was supported by a grant from the NASA Cosmochemistry program.

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 Ed Scott, University of Hawai‘i
 John Wasson, University of California, Los Angeles"
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