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Otsikko: Ilmainen AAVSO-webinaari How-to Hour fotometriasta 14.11.2020
Kirjoitti: VeikkoM - 03-11-2020, 23:32:37
AAVSO:n vuosikonferenssin yhteydessä järjestetään kaikille avoin (myös konferenssiin osallistumattomille) webinaari harrastajafotometriasta.

Verkkotapahtuma on lauantaina 14.11.2020 klo 21.40-22.40 (klo 19.40-20.40 UT).  Webinaari järjestetään Zoom-ohjelmalla.


We are adding a free, open-to-all Zoom Webinar to AAVSO's 109th Annual Meeting:

How-to Hour with Ken Menzies, Greg Sivakoff, and Edward Wiley (https://www.aavso.org/2020-how-to-hour)

This “How-to Hour” is presented by experienced observers, and is designed to provide a discussion of principles, procedures, and skills that can be understood and utilized by amateurs to advance their practice of variable stars photometry.

     The Hour's presentations:
          - A Biased Guide to Giving Science Talks – Gregory Sivakoff
          - Photometric Accuracy of Amateur Systems – Ken Menzies and Edward Wiley

When: Saturday, November 14, 2020, 19:40-20:40 UT

Please register for this free event by clicking here